Message and pictures from Mr Prashantbhai Jadav

Dear all,On behalf of Hasmukh bhai V Jadav I would like to inform you that the donations received from members of the Yadav/Jadav family during the past two Niveds which took place in Birmingham and Hounslow, totalling £961.15, have been put towards the purchase of a crown for Lunaii Mataji.The crown is made from gold and has a weight of 42 grams. The total value of the crown, inclusive of the gold price and labour is approximately £1,300. However, the gold smith, who is a friend of the family and a devout follower of Mataji, did not charge for any labour and only accepted £1,001.I attach pictures of Mataji wearing the crown, for your viewing. We would be grateful if you could circulate these pictures to members of the Birmingham and Hounslow family.

It would also be beneficial if these pictures and the above details regarding the crown could be placed on the website for viewing by the rest of the Jadav/Yadav family.

Jay Lunaii Mataji and Jay Ambe.
image (2)
image (3)

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