Anyari Temple Project

UPDATE: 1st March 2013

Provided by Vinodbhai Yadav
“I have just received a call from Dipakbhai Jadav regarding lunai mataji temple in Anyari, India. The project is now complete and Nived, pratiksha and havan will take place on 13th March 2013.

Could you please post this information on our website asap please so that anyone travelling in india or going soon may have the opportunity to partake”

Any questions please get in touch with Vinod Jadav, Phone number 07878852449


Details of the Anyari Temple development project provided by Vinodbhai Yadav

On my recent visit to India i went to Anyari to pray to our Lunai Mataji. On my journey i met Dipakbhai Premji Jadav who is from Porbandar. He has undertaken a project to build a new hall and temple for Lunai ma. He asked me if i could pass on a message to the yadav families in the uk to let them know what he is doing and if any yadav family members would like to make a donation towards the new build. The total cost of this project will be approximately 7 lakh rupees. Dipakbhai has already managed to raise 4 lakh rupees and the project is half way to completion. He has provided me with photos of the work done so far as well as a list of current donations.

1. The list of donations from india ( The A4 photo written in gujarati )
2. The land in anyari is held in trust. The five trustees are

1. Devjibhai Laxman Yadav,
2. Devjibhai Ranchodd Yadav,
3. Deepakbhai Premji Yadav,
4. Prafulbhai Rajshi Yadav,
5. Rameshbhai Jetha Yadav.

Anyone wishing to make a donation or wanting any further information please contact myself or Dipakbhai.

Vinod Jadav Phone number 07878852449 Email

Dipak Jadav Phone number 0091 9825765057

Dipakbhai has set up a bank account in India. HDFC Bank Ac number 02741000050315






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